Tenancy Start and End Times

Tenancy days start and end at midnight, therefore we cannot demand that tenants leave the premises and return keys before midnight on the last day of a tenancy.

For example, if a tenant gives notice to vacate on the 15th of the month, they have possession of the premises until midnight on the 15th. To collect the keys at midnight is impractical, so we would expect the keys to be returned, or to meet the tenant, collect keys, and do a walk-through, on the morning of the 16th which is the morning after theIf you are selling your property or planning to move back in, you will need to keep this front of mind.

Always give your property manager several working days after a tenant has vacated to get a property inspected and up to standard before taking possession of the premises.This ensures that any issues that may arise at the end of a tenancy can be dealt with before settlement or the owner takes back possession of the property.

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